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Nepal Trekking packages, Full board Packages, Service package

Nepal Trekking Packages

Explore the great outdoors with our exciting Travel/Trekking packages! Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer wanting to experience the beauty of nature and culture, we have the perfect Nepal trekking Packages for you. We hope you can enjoy your holiday travel with Himalaya Darshan Treks

Our packages offer a variety of options, from peaceful day hikes, and tours through lush forests to challenging multi-day trekking to rugged mountain peaks. With experienced and professional guides and staff, beautiful trails, and top-notch equipment, we guarantee your safety and comfort throughout your holiday in Nepal with us.

Soak up breathtaking views, witness stunning sunrises and sunsets, and connect with nature like never before. Explore hidden waterfalls, encounter diverse wildlife, and create unforgettable memories with other hikers. Choose from destinations spanning the globe, from the majestic Himalayas to the wilderness. We cater to all fitness levels and interests, making your holiday travel easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a spiritual journey, our Trekking Packages offer you a gateway into a world of natural wonder. Book your trekking adventure today and begin an exciting exploration of the great outdoors.

What types of Trekking Packages are offered by Himalaya Darshan Treks?

We, Himalaya Darshan Treks offer 3 different types of Nepal Trekking packages Like

  • Full Board Package:
  • Service Trek:
  • Guide and Porter hire service.

Likewise, we also offer many different budget-friendly packages. You can choose your most suitable package with us. We hope our travel/trekking packages meet your needs.

What are Full Board Packages?

A full board package, often referred to as a full board plan hotel/room with bed and breakfast in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and at main city. Likewise, Teahouse/Mountain guesthouse accommodation during the trekking and Tented accommodation during the peak climbing. This package includes various services and amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

Mainly, it includes from your airport pick up to drop, your trekking, and climbing permits, transportation, Guide and Porter with salary and Insurance, Government and local taxes, and Conservation and National Park entry permit fees. Likewise, Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and tea/coffee and farewell dinner in Kathmandu or Pokhara. For example: the Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days full board package cost is $1385 per person.

Full board packages are a convenient way for travelers to budget for their entire stay, as most expenses are covered upfront. However, it’s essential to review the specific details and terms of the package to ensure it meets your preferences and needs, as offerings can vary between different trekking companies.

What is a Service Trek Package?

We offer service trek packages; a service package is a bundled offering provided by us to meet the specific needs and preferences of our valuable customers/travelers. These packages are designed to simplify the purchasing process, offer value for money, and ensure that customers receive a comprehensive set of services.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from a service package: Your trekking, tours, and Climbing permits, Guide and porter (If you don’t need porter you have to inform us.) with salary, food, insurance and transportation. Likewise, Government tax/vat, teahouse accommodation during the trek. For Example: Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek 21 Days Service package cost is $1275 per person.

Is possible to hire Guide and Porter from Himalaya Darshan Treks?

The 3rd, we offer guide, Porter guide and porter hire service too. Travelers/trekkers can hire who they need to help and support their travel/trek. We have experienced and professional trekking guide, Porter guide and Porter. So, you can contact to us for trekking guide and porter hire service. For example: Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek guide, Porter Guide and Porter Hire Service cost is from $30 to $40 per porter, guide and porter guide.

In conclusion

In conclusion, please choose the best and most suitable trekking packages offered by Himalaya Darshan Treks. Our Nepal trekking packages help to meet your needs. As well as it helps you an excellent way to connect with nature, challenge one’s limits, and discover the world’s hidden gems. Whether you seek solitude in the wilderness or camaraderie with fellow trekkers, there’s a package that suits your preferences and goals. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack your backpack, and embark on a trekking adventure that promises not only physical exertion but also a profound connection with the natural world. Feel free to get in touch.