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Trekking Gear

Trekking/ mountaineering Gear is very important for your trip success and to keep your body warm and safe. So you have to bring good quality equipment for your trek/climb in the Himalayas. Nowadays, you can buy or rent some types of equipment at Thamel in Kathmandu like jackets, Sleeping bags, etc. If you have any questions or need any more information about Trekking gear you can email us

We, Himalaya Darshan Treks are recommended for this Trekking EquipmentTrekking Gear for your trekking adventure in Nepal. Please you can check the Climbing Equipment at every climbing Packages on our web page.

List of Trekking Gear/ Equipment

1, Lightweight walking boots.
2, A pair of lightweight/heavyweight trousers is useful in the mountains in the morning and at night.
3, 1-2 pairs of loose-fitting long shorts/skirts.
4, 2-4 cotton T-shirts.
5, 1 lightweight long-sleeved shirt is particularly suitable for avoiding sunburn.
6, Warm hat (wool or fleece)

7, Sun hat.
8, 3 pairs of thin and 3 pairs of thick woolen socks.
9, Underwear: normal quantity
10, Water Bottle

11, Water purification tablets or filters.
12, Sunglasses
13, Toiletries with large and small towels. Toilet paper can be bought in Kathmandu and your trekking region.
14, Small headlamp/torch with spare batteries
15, Personal medical supplies.
16, Sun-screen, sunblock, sun-tan lotion.
17, Warm jacket. Fiberfill or down should be adequate. (This is especially necessary during winter from November to February and above 3,500 meters Trekking Destinations)
18, Sleeping bag to -15 C or sleep sheet.
19, Woolen shirts and thick sweaters. (Warm clothes) During the winter months, November through February,(Above 3,500 meres trekking)
20, Windproof/Waterproof trousers. A necessity on all treks going above 3,000 meters.
21, Thermal tops and bottoms. These are excellent to sleep in at night. In the winter months, thermal underwear is quite invaluable.
22, A pair of gloves. Leather with lining and woolen are best.
23, Snow Glasses

Extra Recommendation

1, Camera, Camera card, and charger (Adapter)

2, A pair of slip-on shoes or sandals.

3, A rain-proof jacket with a hood or a poncho.
4, Duffel bag or kit bag to carry gear while trekking.
5, Day pack. This is a small backpack to carry your requirements for the day e.g., toilet items, a camera, towel, soap, a book, etc.
6, 2-4 large plastic bags to separate clean clothes from dirty ones, and 6-10 smaller plastic bags to dispose of garbage.
7, Reading materials, game items, music, notebook, rubber band, pen, a diary, a calendar, a pocket knife, binoculars (optional)
8, Travel locks and chains to secure luggage and lodge door.

Note: Sleeping bags, Down Jackets, and trekking poles are possible to buy or rent at Thamel in Kathmandu (If you inform us we will provide these things).