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Beautiful Annapurna Circuit Trek

Dylan from Vancouver, BC V5W 2W6, Canada

Rachel and I went trekking with Gyan (GB) during July/Aug 2013, completing the Beautiful Annapurna Circuit Trek under his expert guidance. I had heard very good things about him prior to organizing our trip, including his meticulous planning, expert knowledge and caring friendly nature. My wife Rachel had trekked with him on several prior visits to Nepal and told me he was the most genuinely caring and attentive guide you could imagine. GB certainly didn’t disappoint. While he came across a little quiet and shy at first, he really opened up during our trek and demonstrated his real passion for nature and the mountains. Amazingly he seemed to know the name of every peak, the history of every small village and had so many stories to tell. This really enriched our experience as it gave both perspective and context to where we were going and what we were looking at. GB is one of those guys who would literally go out of his way to make sure you are happy. A great example of this is when we were really craving an apple at high camp and we casually mentioned this to him.. about an hour later he came back with a fairly beaten up looking but delicious apple for us and told us it was no problem….later on we found out from another guide, that he had tirelessly scoured the entire camp for this one apple and had finally managed to track down a guide who had one and managed to bargain with him for it.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a guide in Nepal to get in touch with GB first, I can’t speak highly enough of him and will personally vouch for him if you’d like to get in touch with me.