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Ghunsa Village, Kanchenjunga Region

Ghunsa Village

Ghunsa Village is a small and beautiful picturesque village located in the Taplejung district of Nepal. The Taplejung is the far eastern part of Nepal and a mountainous district. Bordered by the Indian state of Sikkim to the east and China (Tibet) to the north. Ghunsa always welcoming to travelers from around the world. The village of Ghunsa is famous for its natural beauty, surrounded by stunning Himalayan peaks and verdant landscapes. From here, trekkers can go and enjoy some famous day hiking destinations. Like, Ghunsa viewpoint and Dudh Pokhari (Milkey lakes)

Key features of Ghunsa village:
Ghunsa village, Kanchenjunga Region
View of Mount Kanchenjunga and Yalung Kang

Location: The village of Ghunsa is located in the Kanchenjunga region (Kanchenjunga Conservation Area) The famous off-the-beaten-path trek in eastern Nepal. It has diverse flora and fauna. This conservation is named after Mount Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world. In the Kanchenjunga Region, you can enjoy breathtaking Himalayan panorama and surrounding views. Likewise, it is the best destination to see rare animals red pandas, and snow leopards.

Trekking: The village is a popular destination, where trekkers and climbers can enjoy a luxurious stay, delicious food, and warm hospitality from the local people. Then head to Kanchenjunga Base Camp or other trails in the area. The trip to Ghunsa is an adventure in itself, passing through beautiful rhododendron forests and traditional villages, and offering breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks. This village links the Kanchenjunga North and South base camp trekking trails.

Culture: The people of Ghunsa are mainly from the indigenous Sherpa community. Their unique culture and way of life make the village an interesting place to experience local traditions and customs for the tourist.

Buddhist Monasteries:
Ghunsa village, Taplejung
Ghunsa village in Winter

This village is home to a Buddhist monastery that is of religious and cultural significance to the local community. It has very old and historical monasteries. Visitors often have the opportunity to attend the monks’ prayers and soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the monastery.

Teahouse and accommodation: Ghunsa village is one of the best places during the Kanchenjunga base camp trek. Ghunsa has many luxurious teahouses and guesthouses with delicious food. where trekkers and mountaineers can rest and recharge. The hospitality of the locals is known to be warm and welcoming.

Natural beauty: Surrounded by towering peaks and alpine landscapes, Ghunsa is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. The mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, including Kanchenjunga and neighboring peaks, are astounding. It is a small and beautiful village, there is a health post, Police post, Hydropower and connecting Telephone networks.

Side Trip from Khambachen, Kanchenjunga Trek, Nupchu Pokhari
Khambachen Village

In conclusion, Ghunsa Village is a hidden gem in the charming Kanchenjunga Region. This beautiful village is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountain views. Offers a lifetime experience for the intrepid traveler. The warm hospitality of local people, imbued with centuries of tradition, welcome visitors with open arms, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

Ghunsa’s proximity to majestic Kanchenjunga considered the third highest peak in the world, adds a majestic touch to the already enchanting landscape that attracts hikers and thrill seekers from all over the world. A trip to this charming village is a journey into the heart of Himalayan culture, a tapestry of ancient customs and breathtaking nature that weave together, creating an unforgettable adventure.