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Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trekking

Cherie Bremer-Camp from California, USA

This was my first experience with GB and his crew to the Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trekking. I can honestly say I was most impressed with the entire experience. I have had extensive experience both trekking and climbing in Nepal. So am no neophyte, and am not easily impressed, nonetheless GB exceeded all my expectations. On what services a company should provide.
In addition, apart from being 73 years old I have multiple medical issues that include bilateral knee replacements. Likewise, a shoulder replacement, aortic valve replacement, amputations of all fingers and toes. It is making trekking a challenge, yet the itinerary was planned in such a way I was never taxed physically. But we reached our goals comfortably. This gives me the confidence to plan a trip in the future with my grandchildren, ages 11 and 8. Thank you GB you are a gem !!