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Rhododendron Trek Nepal, Best Time, rhododendron flower

Rhododendron Trek Nepal

Nepal is one of the best countries for the Rhododendron View Trek. Nepal has many different types of rhododendrons. It is our national flower too. Furthermore, We call Lali Gurans (लाली गुराँस) in the Nepali language. Here are many popular destinations for your Rhododendron Trek Nepal. Nine species of Rhododendron can be seen in the Annapurna Region. There are more than twenty-five varieties of rhododendrons found in Milke Danda and the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area. Therefore, these are the best destinations for your rhododendron Trek to Nepal. In the spring season in Nepal, most of the hilly regions are very beautiful and colorful.

Rhododendron Trek Best Time

rhododendron trek nepal, rhododendron tree
Rhododendron Tree

The March to May Months are the best time for the Rhododendron trek in Nepal. Generally, these months are the best time to bloom the rhododendron flower. The flowering time depends on the elevations of the areas. It means, that in the lower altitude, the rhododendron blooming time is early in March. Likewise, in the high-altitude area, April and Many months are the best time to bloom the Rhododendron flower. So, it is the best time for Rhododendron Trek. It will be very beautiful and colorful. There are many different types color of flowers. Especially, Pink, white, pink-white, red, and bright red are the main popular colors of flowers in the hilly region of Nepal.

Annapurna Rhododendron View Trek

Annapurna Rhododendron Trek
Annapurna Rhododendron View and Dhaulagiri range

The Annapurna region is one of the best destinations for your rhododendron view trek in Nepal. Nine species of rhododendrons can be seen in this region. There are many popular trekking destinations for your Rhododendron view in the Annapurna region. Moreover, this region is very popular for its Incredible Himalayan panorama, flora and fauna, and Cultures too. Also, Ghorepani Poonhill 3,210m, Mohare Danda 3,300m, Khopra Danda 3,678m, and Mulde Hill 3,640 are the most suitable trekking destinations for Rhododendron View Trek in Annapurna. However, it is the largest rhododendron forest in our country.

Rhododendron View Trek Kanchenjunga

Rhododendron View Trek, Rhododendron in Nepal
Rhododendron Tree in Nepal

The Kanchenjunga and Makalu regions are popular destinations for the rhododendron view. The Kanchenjunga Conservation Area and Milke Danda, Makalu region are known as the Capital of rhododendron. There are more than twenty-five varieties of rhododendrons found in this region. So these regions are best for the study and research about rhododendrons too.   Furthermore, these regions are popular for Mountain views (Including Mt Makalu 8,463m, and Mt Kanchenjunga 8,586m the 3rd and 5th highest mountain in the world) and many other beautiful mountain peaks. As well, as Glaciers, Lakes, Rivers, Wildlife, Culture, and festival.

Note:- There are many other popular destinations in Nepal for your rhododendron Trek. Like, as Langtang region, Langtang and Helambu, Manaslu region, Mundum Trek, Lower Solukhumbu region, Pikey Peak Trek, etc.

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