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Upper Dolpo Trek Permit

Lower and Upper Dolpo Trek Permit, Dolpa is the largest district and is located in the northwestern part of Nepal. A hidden gem in the Himalayas, offers a blend of pristine landscape and ancient Tibetan culture through Phoksundo National Park (The largest national park in Nepal). Home to the captivating Lake Phoksundo, ancient and historic Shey Gumba, and untouched by modern influences.

There are two parts of Dolpo, Upper and Lower. It offers a rare journey into a world where time seems to stand still. Travel through breathtaking terrain, meet traditional villages, and witness vibrant festivals echoing centuries-old traditions. At Dolpo, authenticity meets adventure in a truly unique Himalayan experience.

It will be useful information about Dolpo Trek, and the required documents for the Permit. You need restricted area entry permits (special permits) to visit Upper and Lower Dolpo Trek. Honestly, Dolpa is a famous destination for your rural and remote trekking with adventure-high passes.

Especially, the Dolpo Region is for real adventures wishing for an off-the-beaten-path lifetime experience. It was opened to visit foreigners only in 1990. Mainly, the trek follows a remote and rugged protected area, admiring the beautiful rain shadow landscape of the Himalayas.

Upper Dolpo Trek Permit

Upper Dolpo Trek Permit, Lower Dolpo Trek PermitOf course, You need a restricted area entry permit to visit the Upper Dolpo Trek. The Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo are restricted areas of Nepal. The permits for this area are issued by the Immigration Office in Kathmandu. You can’t apply for the permits yourself and are not allowed to travel alone (Solo trekkers). Therefore, these types of trekking permits must be done by a government-registered trekking company. So, you can contact us, Himalaya Darshan Treks can do this for you.

Note: The Upper Dolpo Trekking Permit can’t be an issue for less than 10 days.

Required Documents for Dolpo Trek Permit.

  • You will need a minimum of two trekkers in a group.
  • Required your original passport with a valid visa from Nepal.
  • Passtort-size photos of you and your group.
  • The restricted area permits are issued by the Immigration Office in Kathmandu.
  • The Upper and Lower Dolpo Trek Permit must be processed through a valid local trekking agency registered by the Nepal government.

Finally, you should trek with a registered trekking guide. (You will be able to get the safety and more information about the areas, cultural and local knowledge)

Upper Dolpo Trek Permit Cost

  • The Upper Dolpo Trek Permit Cost is –USD 500 per person (for the first 10 days). Likewise, USD 50 per person, per day. Beyond 10 days. Especially, the area of Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality (All areas of wards no. 4 to 6) and Shey Phoksundo Rural Municipality (All areas of wards no. 1 to 7). Similarly, Charka Tangsong Rural Municipality (All areas of wards no. 1 to 6)

Lower Dolpo Trek Permit Cost

  • The lower Dolpo Trek special permit cost is $20 per person for one week. Likewise, USD 5 per person /week (beyond 1 week)

The Shey Phoksundo National Park entry permit fee is USD 30 Per person.

Necessary Permit to visit (Upper and Lower Dolpo Trek)

  • Upper Dolpo restricted area entry permit. (For Upper Dolpo)
  • Lower Dolpo Trek special permit (For Lower Dolpo)
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park entry permit. (Necessary for both trek)


In conclusion, We Himalaya Darshan Treks is here to organize your dolpo trek. We provide the service from our experienced and knowledgeable guide. Securing a trekking permit for Dolpo unlocks the door to a captivating journey through pristine landscapes and ancient cultures.

The Dolpo Trek Permit allows access to the breathtaking beauty of Phoksundo Lake and remote villages and ensures a responsible and sustainable exploration of this unique Himalayan gem. Join us for your Dolpo adventure, where your every step is a testament to the preserved authenticity of this extraordinary region. Feel free to get in touch with us.